Supporting Teachers…
Creating Success

Our Mission:
The mission of the Department of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment is to enhance teacher effectiveness through positive, collaborative relationships that result in increased student engagement and achievement.

CIA Staff Members




Krista Thomsen
Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment


Carol Clauss
Induction Facilitator, PAR, Intern Program
(661) 723-0351 ext. 323

Tara Goines
Math: CORE, YAAG’s, Intervention, Assessments, Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
(661) 723-0351 ext. 313

Connie Hobson
Induction Facilitator, PAR, Intern Program, Administrative Secretary I
(661) 723-0351 ext. 321

JoDee Luna
District Instructional Coach
READ 180, System 44, iRead, Expert 21, English 3D, Expert Space, VAPA-Arts for All, CREATE Festival, TEAL, Flocabulary, Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment Website
(661) 723-0351 ext. 312

Renee Rubio
Induction, PAR, Intern Program
(661) 723-0351 ext. 322

Sarah Schneider
Department of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment
Administrative Secretary II
Contact: schneiders@lancsd.org
(661) 723-0351 ext. 301

Kristi Zenno
District Instructional Coach
ELA: Core, YAAG’s, Writing, Assessments, Illuminate, GATE , Expert Space, VAPA, CREATE Festival, TEAL
Contact: zennok@lancsd.org
661) 723-0351 ext. 410

Contact Us
808 West Avenue J
Lancaster, CA 93534

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