Curriculum & Instruction

Writing Resources
Understanding Lexiles PowerPoint
Website Resources
Imagine Learning

Common Core
The Lancaster School District’s Common Core Roll Out Plan
Common Core State Standards Information
Common Core Online Resources
Why Common Core?

CORE Standards

Interdisciplinary Units
Lesson Planning
Essential Questions

Illuminate Resource Links
Illuminate Education (GradeBook, Report Cards, and Assessment System)
Pulling Student Responses from Online Assessments
How to Access Activate Instruction (Digital Resources for Unit Planning)

Technology Integration

Educational Technologies
“How to” Instructional Video Library
 Integrating Resources into Common Core Lessons

Core Subjects
English Language Arts
CCSS Writing Rubrics
Social Studies

Arts Integration

Strategies for English Language Learners
What is GLAD about?
More Project GLAD Information

Educational Links

Classroom Management

Additional Resources

All Kinds of Minds
Academic Vocabulary Games (Tennessee Department of Education)


Close Read Text Resources Boston Public Schools Office of Curriculum & Instruction

Collaboration Brokers of Expertise


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