How to Create a Photo Story

Learn how to make your own Photo Stories using Photo Story 3 for Windows. This free software will help you to create visual videos for enhancing classroom instruction.

Saving Photos into File FoldersLearn how to save photos from copyright-free websites into folders on your computer. You can use these photos for focus walls, PowerPoint lessons, or digital lesson planning. Next, create a PowerPoint and then save the slides as jpegs, image files.

Photo Stories are fun ways to communicate information with visual and audio enhancements. Here is a sample.

This next video lesson will teach you “How to Create a Photo Story for adding visual images and audio explanations.”

This video will teach you how to add audio to your photo story.

Here is a student-generated photostory. Photo Story projects provide opportunities for learning standards in depth and using critical thinking, writing, designing, and speaking skills to organize and present the information.

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